Corrigan dog cemetery a tribute to lost furry best mates.

Two-and-a-half hours from Perth in Western Australia is a beautiful tribute to man’s best friend. The Corrigan Dog Cemetery came about in 1974 when Paddy Wrights buried his best mate, Strike. Then Alan Henderson buried his best mate next to Strike and added a headstone. A cemetery was born!

Nestled beside a wheat paddock, the cemetery is five kilometres from the friendly WA wheatbelt town of Corrigan, on the Brookton Highway. It’s no surprise that most of the dogs buried here were working dogs, often the only daytime companions of farmers who worked long hours in their paddocks alone.

These days, anyone is allowed to bury their dog here. The local council will happily allocate a site for your best friend. Your dog will have lots of company too. There are about 200 dogs there now (and the occasional hooman).

Imagine the mischief they get up to after dark! I loved visiting there. It’s a special place for anyone who’s ever loved and grieved a dog.


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