Lisa Herbert: solo female 4WD traveller

My name’s Lisa and I’m houseless not homeless. My Hilux is my house and Australia is my back yard. So jump in the passenger seat and strap yourself in. You and I are going for an adventure! It won’t always be easy. I prefer to dodge ‘traffic’ and take remote dirt roads which means I may not see a fellow human for a few days. I get bogged, wake up with cattle in my camp, wreck my tyres, have things fall off the Hilux, and not shower for a couple of days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve travelled and worked all over Australia at one time or another, but now I’m doing it full-time, stopping occasionally to work to fund the next few months on the road. I also fill book orders for my book The Bottom Drawer Book: an after death action plan.It’s a funky funeral planning guide. Sure it sounds dark, but it’s so important to get organised ahead of time. It’s a colourful and informative read. So is my blog about death and dying: a quirky yet practical look at the inevitable.  And this blog too.

lisa salt flies

I got serious about adventuring four years ago when I accepted a secondment to the Northern Territory. I decided to quit full-time work the following year. 2018 has been a fun year, and my 50th! I left Brisbane in mid-Feb and have spent time in the Kimberley, via Kangaroo Island, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Perth, Birdsville, Tennant Creek, Top Springs, Derby, Broome and Darwin. Next stop: Tamworth for the Country Music Festival!

Diesel isn’t cheap so I live pretty frugally on the road. Remote camping is my happy place. Caravan parks aren’t for me: give me a bush camp and an open air shower any day!

So let’s go. I didn’t sell everything I own for nothing. Adventures await!