Wandering feet and a wondering heart

lisa in grade one

That’s me. The one with the embarrassing year 1 photo. Not much has changed, yet these days I embrace my quirks.

I’ve recently quit my dream job, sold everything I own, bought a bigger vehicle, and decided to head north. You see, life’s too short for a long bucket list.

A forty-something tertiary educated, single, mortgage-less, childless female, I yearn for new challenges and experiences. And, with no ties, there is nothing to stop me from seeking out those experiences except complacency and fear.

Currently living in Tamworth, New South Wales, whatever I’m looking for isn’t here. It’s a beautiful region and my work as a rural reporter is interesting and satisfying, yet there’s something or somebody missing.  So join me here as I venture into my future with little other than enthusiasm, a lost passion for writing, all of my possessions packed tightly in my new second-hand four-wheel-drive, and a healthy respect for the practicalities of living life on the road as a solo, female traveler.